North Park is one of the few remaining areas in Colorado where one can still find moose, elk, deer, duck, grouse, bear, bobcat and antelope in an abundance. Many visitors at The Powderhorn Cabins come from far away just for the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. Far removed from the modern signs of civilization, these animals are right at home and can be viewed in their natural habitat.

There are no barriers separating wildlife from the visitor out here and it is highly advised that one exercises a good amount of courtesy and common sense when observing these animals in their environment. It can be a wonderful experience to share a moment with one of these magnificent creatures as long as the visitor respects the fragile nature of their surroundings.


Come and enjoy the abundant wildlife including moose, deer, elk, antelope, bear, pine marten, fox, coyotes, ducks, geese and every species of trout found in Colorado.

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